The Next Generation of DeFi on TRON

JUST is committed to developing TRON-based DeFi protocols and aims to provide all-in-one financial solutions to its users


The JUST foundation has a dynamic and elite team. In the technical team, 50% of the employees come from alibaba, tencent, IBM and other world-class Internet companies, with rich experience in product design and development. The financial analysis team of JUST comes from several global investment Banks, and the operation team has experienced in blockchain operation. At the same time, JUST is also a die-hard supporter of the wave field TRON ecology.



Just network is continuously developing new era of blockchain technology to get common people reach to financial freedom in decentralize way.

Server Activity 99%
JustStable 90%
JustSwap 70%
JustWrapper 80%


    JST holders can participate in the governance of the USDJ currency system, then achieve decentralized autonomy, the true fairness.


    Available for anyone to open free account, and own USDJ anywhere, anytime.


    Access the thriving TRON ecosystem and DApps , gives everyone more chances to profit.

Tokens for traders

  • Infinite Liquidity
  • Unstoppable liquidity for thousands of traders and hundreds of applications.

  • Fast and Convenient
  • Instant execution, without waiting for order match in the queue.


  • Accessible to All
  • Empower any users to participate in an open financial marketplace.

  • High Returns
  • Permanent trading fee paid to you with zero commission from the protocol.

Zero-knowledge Proof

    With advanced zero-knowledge proof on TRON’s decentralized shielded network, users can anonymously trade TRC20-USDT.

Instant Transfer

    TRON-based DPOS consensus mechanism facilitates swift shielded transfers


    With all info regarding on-chain operation hidden, attackers couldn't match the on-chain info with specific individuals

Easy to Use

    Clear at a glance: Account info, Transfer and Receive operation, History all in one page.


    Easy conversion of Bitcoin into TRC20 assets with guaranteed acceptance.


  • Total Asset: 2000.00 BTC
  • Total Authorized: 2000.00 BTC
  • Less: authorized but not issued: 1910.95 BTC
  • Total Total liabilities: 89.05 BTC
  • Total reserved: 201.01 BTC


    Powered by the high-performing TRON network featuring low trading fees and high transaction speed.

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